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This Family patch is worn by students

who have studied under one of 

our Grandmasters.

Our patches are significant.  

Each school will have their own patch, flash or mark with different uniform variations.  

Our Family patches are worn by members of the Family who have excelled in their Art and their commitment to our Family.

So, it isn't what someone tells you, it is what you see on them.



Bill Gregory's Kajukenpo Pai Lum Kung Fu

Family Lineage

Our Family is different than the Federation.  Family (Notice the Capital F) has a lineage, just like any other family, linked directly to Dr. Pai, Grandmaster Gregory or Grandmaster Verigan.  In order to be a member of our Family, you must have studied under a Black Belt of one of our 3 Grandmasters or have been directly ranked by one of them. 

Our family has a long and honorable history.  The traditions and history of Dr. Daniel Kane Pai's unique style of Pai Lum Kung Fu and Grandmaster Bill Gregory's blended Kajukenpo Karate to form the Kajukenpo Pai Lum Federation. Prior to his death in 2001, Grandmaster Gregory promoted Master Verigan to Grandmaster and Head of the Kajukenpo Pai Lum Family and Federation.

We welcome Kajukenpo Karate and Pai Lum family and Federation black belts to be listed on this web page you must be a member of our Family and a member of the Federation. Please submit a biography, including your documentation of rank, date ranked and style in which they were promoted by Grandmaster Gregory or Grandmaster Verigan.

All members listed below have received a ranking by Dr. Daniel Pai, Grandmaster Bill Gregory or Grandmaster Georganne Verigan in Pai Lum, Kajukenpo or Kajukenpo Pai Lum.

This list is not all inclusive

If you have received a black belt from Dr. Pai, Grandmaster Gregory or Grandmaster Verigan in Pai Lum, Kajukenpo Karate or Pai Lum Kung Fu, please forward a color copy of your certificate to Grandmaster Verigan for review



+ Grandmaster Bill Gregory +




Grandmaster Georganne Verigan



Arcuri, Joseph  

Fenton, Matt 

Plante, Suzanne

Babbitt, Charles

Fraheley, Robert

Ponti, James

Baiocchetti, Vinnie

Gardner, Cheryl Rafeal, Jamie

Barrett, Walter


Rollins, Nicholas

Bartlett, Eric

Gibbons, Jackie

Rowe, Christina  (see Pickowicz)

Bernard, Thomas

Green, Arlene

Shear, Skip

Bodah, Mike

Hamel, Joyce

Shields, Patrick

Bonina, Mark

Henderson, Shane

Simonne, Derek

Brown, Larry

Lacroix, Roger

Sottis, Peter

Calliconne, Ken

Lamas, Marianne

Spagnuolo, Frank

Catenzarro, Phil  

Landino, Tanya

Stearns, Jessica

Commella, Richard

MacLellan, Larry

Strok, Ed

Cretella, Gino

Marsalla, Ken

Taylor, Lonnie

D'Antuono, Anthony

Martin, Linc 

Thorson, Mark 

Deane, Daniel

Mattioli, Rick

Toby, Gerald

Di Panni, Tony

Mattioli, Robert

Viola, Mike

Dolan, Mike

Mc Dermott, Mike

Webber, Phylis

Drake, Wendy

Morell, Mike

Wright, Newell

Dudek, Jeremey

Moulton, James

Yonaitis, Ryan

Duhammell, Ken

Palmer, Steve


Ebner, Jeff

Pickowicz, Christina  (see Rowe)


Estling, Robert

Pickowicz, George

Faucher, Kyle  

Pickowicz, Katherine

Fontenarosa, Mark

Pineiro, Pedro




Title - Grandmaster

Title - Recognized Master Level

Title - Black Belt

Some of our Family Schools are:

White Dragon Martial Arts, Michigan White Dragon Martial Arts of New Hampshire Kajukenpo Maritimes
Truro Kajukenpo Wise Tiger School Kajukenpo Pai Lum of Massachusetts
White Leopard Sikaran    

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