School "To not use violence" school

Honor, Integrity, Responsibility, and Family are just a few things that the members of Bill Gregory's Kajukenpo Pai Lum Family strive to live by. Words are easy, actions are something much different.

We all know the people that "talk the talk" and will tell you what to do. Actions, whether they are popular or not, must be correct and judge not only the individuals, but the Family as well. From the actions of Grandmaster Verigan, to our youngest white sash, we are judged as a Family so this is something we take very seriously.

These principals are something that we learn, practice and teach. It is okay to fail if you learn and improve. If you truly gave your best - something that only you know in your heart and when you succeed - you pass that knowledge on so that other may also learn. Rank is but a measurement of knowledge, it is not a trophy to get and to flaunt. It is a responsibility to others and while you have earned it, it is not your possession to have, it is your responsibility to share.

The start of our Dragon Code says it all... I am what I am because I CHOOSE to be.

So with that, please click the symbols below to look at our pledges and codes. If you are a student, regardless of your rank, learn and show others what this means to us.

In the Spirit of the White Mighty Tiger

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